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7 Mistakes You Make When Organize An Event

Creating an event from scratch is a creative process with many nuances an organizer needs to consider. It often happens that because of the small details that you didn’t take into consideration an event is fail … and all the money spent just go down the drain. In order to avoid this, let’s consider the typical mistakes that event managers make when organizing events.

1. Lack of clearly defined goals and objectives

One of the main mistakes is the lack of clearly defined goals and objectives for the team. This causes a misunderstanding of what we have to do and why we need it. Therefore, the goals and objectives should be clearly defined.

2. You do not take into account the interests of target audience.

The organizer can be very determinated about an event and can try to communicate the information about the value that their company have, but at the same time forgetting or not taking into account what target audience wants.

As a result, an event can become boring, and instead of attracting attention and raise of interested from the attendees they will only have a desire to leave as quickly as possible or skip to the final part, for example, a buffet table.

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3. Wrong place

The place to hold an event should be chosen in advance. It is desirable that you personally such a place. Otherwise, you can run into trouble if pictures of a venue looked ok but in fact the place leaves much be to desired.

At some events the organizers deliberately pick smaller places and fill them denser, thus visually creating an agiotage. In other cases, the venue should be selected for the optimal number of people and not be too large or too small.

4. No landmarks

Attendees should feel comfortable visiting your event. To do this, your visitors, first of all, need to get to the venue. If an event takes place in an open area, the search will be easier than in the case of a small space. Therefore, guidelines for pedestrians and drivers should be organized.

On the spot, participants should also easily navigate. They need to easily find where the restrooms are, where they can buy drinks or the products you promote.

5. Few branded attributes of the organizer

If the event is held for brand promotion, then it simply must have your attributes on giveaways and other stuff, and it should be a lot of such items. You can put logos or branded text everywhere – on balloons,  t-shirts, caps, scarves, etc.

6. Staff

Company’s representatives should stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved through a bright uniform, special stands, and signs in the places where the representative of the company are located.

The number and quality of employees plays an important role. If during an event you are engaged in sales of your product, the absence or lack of employees will be a fatal mistake that will lead to the draining up to 90% of all sales.

mistakes you make when organizing an event

7.  Absence of post production

When the event is over, there must be a final stage, post production. It will determinate whether you pull off at pleasing potential customers or not.

If by the end of an event you did not collect the customer database, didn’t prepare photo and video reports from journalists, did not post the report on the site and social medias, did not write a post-release in the media then all of your efforts went down the drain even if event seemed to be successful.

It is known that it is 7 times cheaper to make repeated sales to loyal customers than to look for new ones. Even those who were at the event and did not buy anything, already know your company and are more loyal to you than a person from the street. You should try to establish relationship with these clients by reminding about your brand via contacts they left.

By avoiding these typical mistakes, you can significantly improve the effectiveness and quality of the event, receive a large base of loyal customers, and create a powerful promotion campaign for your business.

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Create Events To Benefit Your Business

An event is valuable for business in two cases. First, when it involves a lot of people, which your company considers to be your prospective clients. And secondly, if an event repeats over a period of time. Such occasions as New Year, Christmas, the beginning of the school year, the beginning of summer, etc. are suitable for this purpose. Most companies that produce products and services use them to attract the public. During the holiday periods buyers are emotionally ready for noisy performances, sales, numerous special propositions and other things businesses can come up with. But there is also a downside: every business exploits holidays, including competitors. Therefore, mass events may not have the element of surprise. What can your company do to wow clients? We have the answer – to create events.

Use Your Creativity to Make Profit

It is not that hard to come up with a holiday that no one has ever celebrated. The same applies to unusual services and various events that attract attention. You may use cultural aspects, religion, fantasy, exoticism, everything that the audience can show interest to. Just find a way to utilize such an occasion to benefit your business. A vivid example of this approach is the Chinese New Year in French supermarkets Carrefour.

Create eventsOwners of this trade network successfully exploit the exoticism of the East. The brightest event that take place in shopping centers of this brand is the Chinese New Year. Since 1996, the first ten days of February are dedicated to the East, especially to its products, food, and souvenirs. The benefit of this event is a tangible increase in demand for goods produced in China, Korea and Japan. As the result, emigrants from these countries come to the supermarkets of this chain more. Thus, these buyers start preferring large trading centers to small shops that they have visited before.

For the Chinese New Year, prices in Carrefour are lower, and people are happy to buy a lot of products for a family holiday. Inspired by the success of the Eastern New Year, the owners of these supermarkets also suggested events to engage the attention of Europeans. They decided to create events that introduces the international idea more widely. The supermarkets hold the Festival of the Mediterranean at the end of spring. At this festival fresh products from Greece, Italy, and other Mediterranean are widely offered to the public. The bran’s owners selected the end of spring on purpose. Many French go on vacation to Mediterranean countries in May and summer. They like to try in advance some specific food of these countries. As a result, customers spend their money more willingly.

How Companies Can Create Events

The same principle uses McDonald’s when they create events for attracting more visitors to their restaurants. For example, during Halloween holiday McDonald’s, along with the hamburgers, offers “pumpkin heads”, masks, depicting all evil spirits, and recommendations for organizing a coven. Days of saints, birthdays of famous personalities, celebrations of sports events – everything goes into action for the sake of attracting more customers.

Creative Event

The trading group Kraft-Jacob-Suchard invented Grandmother’s Day, and for a long time celebrated it successfully with the visitors of its stores. Then the company created a network of cafes with the same name. The French Association of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Suppliers, united with the producers of sweets, came up with the “Week of Fine Taste”. The company that produces corn flakes Kellog’s, invented the International Day of healthy breakfast.

In other words, the situation when a company can create events for own benefits has become widespread. Over time, consumers can get used to an abundance of holidays. As a result, their respond to the offered events gets weaker. But businesses come up with more and more events, demonstrations, trade shows. If the idea that formed the basis of the holiday is unique and creative, visitors will respond to it even better than expected. As an example, one Japanese perfumery company put a small play in the sales hall of its shop, using perfume bottles as decorations. After that, the demand for perfume in an unusual container increased instantly: the buyers wanted to decorate their rooms with such attractive bottles. At the same time, the smell of perfume did not matter – the idea of decorating was contagious enough.

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How Trade Show Marketing Has Changed In The Digital Age

Trade show marketing refers to a convention where businesses showcase their products or services to customers. For many years, trade shows have been a useful convention for businesses which want to generate leads or sales. It has remained the same way for most businesses. However, traditional trade shows have gained a bad reputation where most people associate them with cheap promotions, desperate sales people, and endless booths. Today, trade show marketing has evolved from the boring conventions into amazing experiences which excite clients. Innovative marketing has seen businesses invest heavily in trade show marketing, o that they can come up with exciting productions that amaze their clients.

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Most businesses still deploy traditional forms of marketing for promotion of their brand and services, such as outdoor marketing. Trade show belong to traditional ways of promotions too, but in digital are business alter their marketing efforts to fit into modern realities. Gone are the days when buyers relied on trade shows to learn everything about a product from your sales representative. In today’s digital era, buyers are more informed about what is happening in the industry and are willing to engage with other trade show attendees. Most brands understand that conventions are not the only place buyers are going. Buyers visit companies website to look out for product information and reviews by other customers. Therefore, they will know how your business or products are perceived in the market before attending trade shows. To avoid missing out on potential customers, businesses need to establish a strong presence online. Simply put, businesses need to include useful information on their website or social media pages, for customers who are looking for them. This will help them attract the right customers during trade shows since they already know your brand.

A recent study showed that 75 percent of brochures that businesses give to people during trade shows, end up in the trash. Instead of wasting resources printing product pamphlets and brochures, business is investing in electronic literature. This allows interested trade show attendees to receive brand information right to their email inbox. But that is not the only way brands are using technology to their advantage. With the help of Virtual Reality or VR, businesses are able to make a virtual product presentation so that they can engage with their audience. 3D experiences have helped businesses interact with customers by immersing them into their brand. With the use of a smartphone, customers can see the product graphics as it appears on the trade show floor.

trade show marketing in digital era

Remember interactive displays must be well thought out. The process literally starts from the ground up. You have the design face of how to create the display structure itself and implement the interactive elements and coordinate them with how you want the traffic to flow within you booth area. These types of displays tend to be a little more expensive but if done correctly they will provide you with edge drawing in traffic and collecting their data over the other exhibitors. I would recommend talking with a professional exhibit house before going this wrote. One company that I know that has years of experience in creating exciting booth designs that attract attention would be Exhibe Corporation you can visit there exhibit design page here

Businesses are also appreciating the benefit of using social media to engage with their customers. In fact, research has shown that 81 percent of people that businesses engage with on social media are likely to buy from them. Tech savvy marketers understand this and are taking to social media so that they can maximize on ROI. To ensure that their brand stands out from competitors, businesses are putting an emphasis on building a personal relationship with their clients. Social media channels like Facebook have proven to be an effective trade show marketing platform. Businesses which want to build an audience during trade shows can use social media to advertise their products or services before the show starts. There is no doubt that businesses which use pre show strategies to market themselves, will enjoy success when the trade show eventually begins.

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Top Five Outdoor Marketing Techniques

Business marketing is one of the best and most effective strategies that you can use to skyrocket your sales. Well, there are different types of business marketing out there, but the outdoor marketing or rather out-of-home advertising is what every business needs. Outdoor marketing defines any form of advertisement that reaches the consumer outside their homes. Let’s look at the top five best strategies that you can use to promote your company outdoors.

Outdoor Marketing Techniques and Strategies

Advertising your business outdoors is not a thorny process; all you need is to know the various outdoor marketing strategies and the rules attached to them. In this section, I am going to explain the five best outdoor marketing techniques.

Billboard advertising


Being one of the oldest forms of outdoor promotions and brand awareness, billboards are still very effective. The message conveyed on billboards is usually simple and available all along. Huge billboards can be expensive to implement, but chances are; they are going to add some digits to your sales figure.

Transit advertising

This involves business adverts embedded on taxis, subways, buses, trains and other means of transport. They can be stickers or electronic gadgets advertising your brand.

Corporate events

Living in a world of business and innovation, we have all attended one or two corporate events, and you will definitely agree with me when I say that; corporate events are one of the best ways of carrying out business promotions and brand awareness. Corporate events buy a business the chance to show and explain to the consumers the product they are selling and the advantages of having the product. They include events like seminars and conferences, trade shows, product or business launch.

Street furniture

I am pretty sure you have seen a business advert on some of the street furniture like bus shelters, telephone booths, and kiosks. Look at this way; you are walking on the streets and hunger strikes you. Moving your eyes from one place to another looking for something to bite, you see that poster on a telephone booth advertising a restaurant. Then you remember you had seen a billboard advertising the same restaurant, you will have no defense but dash into the restaurant. That’s how it works; street furniture is an effective method of outdoor business marketing.

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Point of sale displays

If your brand is new in the market and many people have not yet realized it, a point of sale display is one of the things you need. Strategically placed in a shopping store, it will attract the attention of many consumers.

Benefits of Outdoor Marketing

· There are so many benefits that come with outdoor marketing. Here are some of the benefits.

· Keeps the brand top of mind

· Outdoor marketing is a mass-marketing medium just like the radio and TV.

· Cost effective

· Effective team player in the marketing mix

When you are walking or driving along the busy roads, you will see hundreds of advertisements or even more if it is a big city like New York. This is because many companies have realized the power of outdoor marketing.

Final Verdict

We have just discussed the most important outdoor marketing strategies that you can use to promote your company. Don’t be left behind, try any of the strategies and make you company’s product or service be preferred across various streets of a country.

corporate events

Corporate Events

Initially, corporate events were invented to improve the overall atmosphere in the team, form stronger relationship between employees. Many psychologists say that if a company’s employees are not just qualified specialists and a team of like-minded people, they cope with all tasks much better. In addition, the corporate is an opportunity to remind employees of an important event for their career in the company (for example, you are celebrating the signing an important contract).

All corporate events can be divided into several types: Trainings; Festive events; Team-building.



Trainings can be conducted in a form of conferences, classes, master-classes and seminars. The goal of such activities is to increase the level of knowledge among the staff and motivate them to learn new things. Training activities can be divided into two large groups – mandatory and motivating.

Mandatory trainings are conducted when a company starts working with a new product or technologies. In these cases, it is important to conduct everything clearly, quickly and economically. If the training event has a motivating nature, then it should be conducted in a businesslike but luxurious environment, showing how highly the company values its employees.

Festive corporate events

This group can include different types of events depending on whether they are focused on internal PR or external. In the first case, the event is held for the staff only (including their families). The purpose of such an activity is to establish interaction between employees, allowing them to communicate informally and to let them know each other outside the working environment. Such an event can be organized in a form of business dinner in a god restaurant, or outside the city for bbq or fishing.

Corporations focused on external PR are conducted differently. They should be prepared very thorough, since their main goal is to form the company’s image in the eyes of customers and partners. They can be conducted in the forms of receptions with CEOs, meetings, presentations, and exchange of experience. Employees of the company on such events do not rest – they work together with the organizers. The goal is to increase the professional knowledge and skills of employees, analyze and summarize their work, attract potential customers, advertise new brands, etc.

Team building

Team Building

The goal of team-building events is to create reliable team among employees. They facilitate in improving the team spirit and teamwork skills, guarantee communication in an informal atmosphere, active recreation. Team building activities have many formats – business games, training for rallying, competitions, hikes, tug of war. The success of such an event requires the use of special techniques and careful preparation, taking into account the characteristics of the company and its staff. This work should be trusted a training company with a good experience in organizing team building.

A corporate event is a serious tool that can bring many benefits for your company. If it is organized and conducted good it will increase the knowledge and motivation of your employees, facilitate in creating friendly atmosphere, ad create a positive image of your company for your clients and partners.

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What is Event Marketing?

Nowadays it is much harder to surprise customers and grab their attention to your products and brands. The regular advertisement is no longer effective in creating a positive image of a company. That’s why specialists in marketing invented a new way of promotions through the creation and organization of special events that create emotional links between the consumer and the brand. Marketing activities of this type got a name of event marketing.

Event marketing is systematic organization of events as a platform for the presentation of goods (services) in order to activate the attention of the target group using help of emotional influence.  A special event is not just a way to attract the attention of consumers company’s brand. It allows to position and promote a brand in a much easier, more clearly and “memorable” way than with the usual means of advertising.

a big event

Еvent marketing includes several key points:

Informing the audience about the event;
Holding an event;
Follow – up elucidation

All events that event marketing includes can be divided into the following types:

1) Trade Events – events for partners, customers, dealers and distributors. This is a business event that does not exclude an entertaining component. Trade events include conferences, presentations, receptions, seminars, forums, congresses, summits, pr-actions, special events at trade fairs, creative promotion, etc.

The purpose of such events is to present products, clearly demonstrating their benefits. Also marketing activities of this category are often organized to present new services, share experience, finde new strategic partners, etc.

The same group includes all types of BTL promotions that are held with the aim to make the consumers interested in a product “here and now”, enabling him/her to evaluate all the advantages.

2) Corporate events. They provide a unique opportunity to deliver the company’s ideas directly to your employees, but they can also serve as an effective tool for external marketing, because you can always invite key clients and partners to your corporate events. By this you will ensure the loyalty of the invitees and let them feel their importance.

This group includes such events as company anniversaries, employee birthdays, parties, holidays, picnics. A well-thought-out corporate culture of any company implies organization of collective leisure for employees. This sector of event marketing is used by many companies for which caring for their employees is the prestige of the organization itself. Any professionally conducted corporate event is aimed at increasing the authority of the management and the formation of corporate pride. After all, everyone knows that a friendly, close-knit team is the key to a successful of business.

Recently many companies provide family days and teambuilding events.

Familyday, a family holiday organized by a company for its employees. It helps to unite the employees and brings them closer at the emotional level. This tool also helps to reduce the outflow of employees from the company, create one large family within a company.

event marketing

Teambuilding activities contribute to improving the efficiency of employees and establishing strong internal corporate relations between them. Teambuilding is a collective training in which, under the pretext of a professional psychologist, business situations are modeled, and employees are called upon to solve them. It can also be organized in a form of tests that help build confidence, improve understanding and a lot of other necessary details in the team work. Within the framework of such events employees practice in making complex decisions through the organization of role games, trainings and recreation. It is especially important that teambuilding is a business training in a form of retreat.

3) Special events (festivals, awards, events for the press, etc.). In the third group of events we can include all kinds of festivals, concerts, shows, mass events, road-shows (advertising tours). In general, this is a complex of events that have a beneficial effect on the image of the company or its brands. After the professional holding of a series of pr-activities, there follows a broad positive reaction of the target audience, expressed in the increased loyalty to the company and the growing interest from potential customers.