7 Mistakes You Make When Organize An Event

Creating an event from scratch is a creative process with many nuances an organizer needs to consider. It often happens that because of the small details that you didn’t take into consideration an event is fail … and all the money spent just go down the drain. In order to avoid this, let’s consider the typical mistakes that event managers make when organizing events.

1. Lack of clearly defined goals and objectives

One of the main mistakes is the lack of clearly defined goals and objectives for the team. This causes a misunderstanding of what we have to do and why we need it. Therefore, the goals and objectives should be clearly defined.

2. You do not take into account the interests of target audience.

The organizer can be very determinated about an event and can try to communicate the information about the value that their company have, but at the same time forgetting or not taking into account what target audience wants.

As a result, an event can become boring, and instead of attracting attention and raise of interested from the attendees they will only have a desire to leave as quickly as possible or skip to the final part, for example, a buffet table.

promotional event for your business

3. Wrong place

The place to hold an event should be chosen in advance. It is desirable that you personally such a place. Otherwise, you can run into trouble if pictures of a venue looked ok but in fact the place leaves much be to desired.

At some events the organizers deliberately pick smaller places and fill them denser, thus visually creating an agiotage. In other cases, the venue should be selected for the optimal number of people and not be too large or too small.

4. No landmarks

Attendees should feel comfortable visiting your event. To do this, your visitors, first of all, need to get to the venue. If an event takes place in an open area, the search will be easier than in the case of a small space. Therefore, guidelines for pedestrians and drivers should be organized.

On the spot, participants should also easily navigate. They need to easily find where the restrooms are, where they can buy drinks or the products you promote.

5. Few branded attributes of the organizer

If the event is held for brand promotion, then it simply must have your attributes on giveaways and other stuff, and it should be a lot of such items. You can put logos or branded text everywhere – on balloons,  t-shirts, caps, scarves, etc.

6. Staff

Company’s representatives should stand out from the crowd. This can be achieved through a bright uniform, special stands, and signs in the places where the representative of the company are located.

The number and quality of employees plays an important role. If during an event you are engaged in sales of your product, the absence or lack of employees will be a fatal mistake that will lead to the draining up to 90% of all sales.

mistakes you make when organizing an event

7.  Absence of post production

When the event is over, there must be a final stage, post production. It will determinate whether you pull off at pleasing potential customers or not.

If by the end of an event you did not collect the customer database, didn’t prepare photo and video reports from journalists, did not post the report on the site and social medias, did not write a post-release in the media then all of your efforts went down the drain even if event seemed to be successful.

It is known that it is 7 times cheaper to make repeated sales to loyal customers than to look for new ones. Even those who were at the event and did not buy anything, already know your company and are more loyal to you than a person from the street. You should try to establish relationship with these clients by reminding about your brand via contacts they left.

By avoiding these typical mistakes, you can significantly improve the effectiveness and quality of the event, receive a large base of loyal customers, and create a powerful promotion campaign for your business.