prepare for a trade show

How to Efficiently Prepare for a Trade Show

The lack of ideas and the insufficiently elaborated marketing strategy are detrimental to the organizers and participants of trade shows. You need to think every little thing through and always stick to the plan. In this article, we talk about what to consider when you prepare for a trade show

Make your display informative

Your booth is one of the main things to take care of when preparing for an exhibition. Your company must have a marketing strategy that includes a presentation of the company’s position in the market and a detailed description of the products and services. All this should be spelled out in detail, clearly and simply. Find out what unique offer your company intends to present at a trade show, and reflect it in the design of your booth, so that visitors won’t pass it by. The font size, color, dimensions of signage, their placement – all this is extremely important to consider when developing an exhibit.

Calculate the ROI of exhibiting at a trade show

Keep track of your expenses. Think what is more profitable – to buy or rent a booth? Choose an option based on logistics to save money. Be attentive to travel expenses for personnel who will work at a trade show. It is necessary to clearly understand how many employees will be needed at a booth to make the work effective. With regard to flights and accommodation, book them in advance – the cost of flights and hotel rooms on the days of major exhibitions often increase.

prepare for a trade show

Display location is vital

Contact trade show organizers as early as possible and try to find out what are the most beneficial spots at a trade show floor you can get. Outline your motivation to participate in a trade show to a manager, ask which exhibition area will best fit your goals and objectives. Study the business and entertainment programs of the venue. If the program has many business events, it makes sense to consider placing a display closer to the halls, where presentations and seminars will take place. Another option is to stand next to the food court area or the zone of entrances and exits.

Think about the size of your trade show exhibit

It is important that a booth is not much smaller than that of competitors. But the size, of course, is not the only thing that matters. Large and empty exhibition space is not interesting for visitors, so consider what elements of attracting attention you will use. A compact stand is also suitable, if, for example, you plan to use interactive stands to inform visitors about their products and services – they save a lot of space. Assess your options and costs. Try to find out as much as possible about your competitors. Examine the exhibitor list. Ask the organizers of a trade show if the list is not posted on the site. Decide which exhibition space you can afford, and then consult with experts in the design and construction to make interesting and meaningful project.

Use modern technologies at trade shows

Sometimes it is better to invest in the use of modern interactive technologies than in the exhibition space. But the process of preparation for participation in a trade show must also be technological. There are services that allow you not to miss deadlines and competently approach to planning.


These are not all the ideas of how to efficiently prepare for a trade show. To be continued

Event marketing Strategy for Trade Show: Real-Life Examples

When planning your marketing events, you know in advance what results you want to achieve. You may want to gain credibility in your niche, expand the audience of the brand, impress the key clients, just to name a few. To do this, it is necessary to build an event marketing strategy that includes both events within trade shows and beyond them. Of course, “building an event strategy” is a are very vague wording and often marketers do not understand how to achieve this. Therefore, we have gathered real examples of business events organized by companies from around the world.

How to: Influence the key clients at a trade show.

What to do: Organize a Thematic Event.

Real Life Example: IMG Culinary company from San Francisco hosted Tastemaker Collective, an event that was described as “the first nightclub for food lovers”. Inviting key clients and partners, as well as bloggers and journalists, for a long dinner, the company provided a grand media coverage. Also, it allowed company to position itself as a bold and open-minded brand. They could achieve it by offering gusts handmade cocktails, innovative snacks, famous chefs, and master classes – exactly what the audience needed.

Event Marketing Strategy

The result: the impact on both important customers and a broad target audience.

How To: Make Visitors Happy

What to Do: organize a Welcoming service.

Real Life Example: Illy, a coffee company, built a temporary coffee shop for guests of a trade show they participated in. Branded stand and requisites with the logo ensured brand recognition among the guests of the event.

The result: successful brand recognition and minimum costs for marketing – the money went only to construction a temporary cafe and coffee supplies.

How To: Stand out Among Competitors

What to Do: Create an Impactful Appearance

Real Life Example: At one of the trade shows a manufacturer of the micro-inverter Enphase Energy exhibited with an impressive larger than life booth. They booked an exhibition area of 130 feet  x 165 feet, so that the visitors could see the displat literally from all sides.

The result: a two-storey island exhibits with zones for presentation and catering was constantly packed with visitors.

How To: Involve Visitors of a Trade Show

What to Do: encourage visitor’s participation in the activities of a brand.

Real Life Example: American company Rally Health, a developer of programs for a healthy lifestyle, organized a HealthFest festival dedicated to fitness. The company organized it several times in different cities to instill love for sports among the public and form a positive impression about the brand. The key idea is “Fitness is fun.” At the festival, group trainings alternate with healthy snacks, sales, and entertainment, the most prominent of which is the performance of actor and comedian Kevin Hart at every festival.

The result: festivals collect a huge amount of loyal audience, and a strong association of a brand with fun and a popular actor gives tremendous results. The customers of the brand are happy and satisfied. And most importantly is that they participate in the life of the company.

All these ideas are easy to adapt to your goals. Build a marketing strategy around the results that you want to achieve. Want to expand your audience? Make sure that your event is fun and interesting. Want the attention of key customers? Arrange a smart presentation. Want to stand out at a trade show? Make your display big and tall.

tablethrow for marketing events

Tablecloths and Types of Events They are Used at

Tablecloths with company logos have recently become an integral part of marketing events. Marketers realized that with a small investment, they can significantly improve appearance of their display. Therefore, table covers have become frequent guests at various exhibition and other venues. However, the range of their application is much wider than these events. Let’s find out at what events you can find custom printed tablethrows.

Marketing Events

Strictly speaking, you can find tablecloths with the company logo at any event where participants want to promote their brand. Trade shows, fairs, presentations, tastings – this is far from a complete list of such venues. As a rule, there is a large number of competing companies at such events, so it is important to set your business apart from competitors.

If an event is large enough, as, for example, an international trade show, for these purposes, companies erect magnificent eye-catching display. But even in this case, businesses often use tables complemented with a tablecloth. In this regard, a tablethrow gives a presentation a complete look and provides additional space for branding.

At more chamber events, or at smaller exhibition areas, the main element of the exposition can be a regular table with samples of products and literature placed on it. In this case, a table cover is simply necessary, because it will help to hide the disadvantages of a table, create a neat appearance and, what is especially important at such events, will advertise your business. Therefore, at compact venues, a tablecloth becomes a number one promotional tool.

Job Fairs

Often tablecloths can be seen at job fairs. When employers are interested in finding professional employees, they can not compromise the appearance of their company with a scratched table and a mess on its top. But it’s worth adding a tablecloth and voila, all the disadvantages of a table are hidden and stocks of brochures and printouts can go under a table and out of sight. You shouldn’t neglect branding possibilities at job fairs as well, especially when it can be done easily and with grace with a custom printed table cover.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor TableclothsDo not think that the tablecloth can only be used indoors. They are frequent guests and many outdoors marketing activities. For example, at fairs, festivals, street tastings and presentations. What distinguishes such outdoor tablethrows from their indoor counterparts is the resistance to elements, the resistance to ultraviolet light and more snuggle design. Flowy and draped table covers look beautiful, but they are no-go if they can be carried away by the wind. Therefore, tablecloths for outdoor events have a fitted look, which, by the way, is the latest trend of exhibition fashion. Indeed, even among indoor tablethrows you can find a lot of fitted and even ultrafit models. You can check the latest options for both indoor and outdoor use here

Custom Printed Tablecloths for Weddings

While weddings are a patrimony of rather classic satin and lacy tablecloths, custom printed tablethrows have also made its a way to these venues. Customized wedding table runners will add a nice touch to this special event. These items with bride’s and groom’s names will help to dress up a banquet room. Unlike promotional table covers that rather use vivid graphics to draw attention, wedding table cloths and runners use more subtle color scheme. You can add a custom printed message and a color to match the main wedding theme.


As you can see, these small tablecloths have great possibilities. Therefore, they are so loved by exhibitors and marketers around the world. And even if your activity is not related to business, you can find the use of custom print table covers for other occasions.

sponsored flags

Sponsored Events – Why They are so Popular

The effect of conducting sponsored events can not be underestimated. Such events, first of all, are an informational occasion that attracts the attention of journalists. The media provides strong PR support. Talking about an event is beginning at the stage of preparation and promotion that ends with post releases, analytical data and press conferences with the participants. Such events are able to collection of a large number of target audience as well as potential partners of the company.

What are sponsored events

With the help of additional money that sponsors of events allocate, the organizers manage to significantly increase the level of the event, thereby achieving the goals they set at maximum. As a consequence, all the participants of sponsored events, including sponsors and partners, benefit from its success.

Events as tools of promotion

Sponsorship is definitely one of the types of support for various spheres of public life, one of the forms of social investment. But at the same time, this cannot be called neither altruism, patronage, nor charity, although there is much in common. The main difference between them is that sponsor is necessarily provided with a counter service. The funds are invested in exchange for the expected benefits.

Forms of sponsorship

Today, sponsorship can take different forms:
• Information sponsors are very important sponsors, as the media take a direct part in drawing attention to the event.
• Barter partners – companies that support in the form of their goods or services.
• Sponsors – the provision of financial support is the main criterion.

Sponsorship events include concerts, festivals, holidays and sporting events. It is necessary to choose the format of an event correctly. It should match the ideology of the brand as a whole. So, for example, Volkswagen company acted as an official sponsor of a sailing regatta, as it shares the ideology of a healthy and sporty lifestyle, and brand cars correspond to this ideology in the best way.

sponsored events

A well-known English PR expert Sam Black considered that “it is more correct to define sponsorship as one of the types of entrepreneurial activity”. And as a rule, this activity is based on a clear agreement between the organizers of the event on the one hand and the commercial company on the other.

Why companies invest in sponsored events

Sponsorship brings a company to save its own resources for advertising and organizing events of this level. Organizers, at the same time, give help and support to the target audience.

Sponsored events are an effective marketing tool. Nowadays the advertising market is oversaturated so that even large companies can not stand out against the background of the general mass. That’s why they are turning to sponsorship as a more modern form of advertising. Moreover, recent research has shown that the sponsorship of major sporting events significantly improves the image of the advertiser and enhances brand recognition, thereby contributing to an increase in the likelihood of acquiring the company’s products. Consumers perceive such brands more positively than “ordinary” ones. Of course, an event itself is always at the center of attention. However, with a competent approach and the sponsor will not remain in the shadows, and its image will be firmly associated with the event.