Event marketing Strategy for Trade Show: Real-Life Examples

When planning your marketing events, you know in advance what results you want to achieve. You may want to gain credibility in your niche, expand the audience of the brand, impress the key clients, just to name a few. To do this, it is necessary to build an event marketing strategy that includes both events within trade shows and beyond them. Of course, “building an event strategy” is a are very vague wording and often marketers do not understand how to achieve this. Therefore, we have gathered real examples of business events organized by companies from around the world.

How to: Influence the key clients at a trade show.

What to do: Organize a Thematic Event.

Real Life Example: IMG Culinary company from San Francisco hosted Tastemaker Collective, an event that was described as “the first nightclub for food lovers”. Inviting key clients and partners, as well as bloggers and journalists, for a long dinner, the company provided a grand media coverage. Also, it allowed company to position itself as a bold and open-minded brand. They could achieve it by offering gusts handmade cocktails, innovative snacks, famous chefs, and master classes – exactly what the audience needed.

Event Marketing Strategy

The result: the impact on both important customers and a broad target audience.

How To: Make Visitors Happy

What to Do: organize a Welcoming service.

Real Life Example: Illy, a coffee company, built a temporary coffee shop for guests of a trade show they participated in. Branded stand and requisites with the logo ensured brand recognition among the guests of the event.

The result: successful brand recognition and minimum costs for marketing – the money went only to construction a temporary cafe and coffee supplies.

How To: Stand out Among Competitors

What to Do: Create an Impactful Appearance

Real Life Example: At one of the trade shows a manufacturer of the micro-inverter Enphase Energy exhibited with an impressive larger than life booth. They booked an exhibition area of 130 feet  x 165 feet, so that the visitors could see the displat literally from all sides.

The result: a two-storey island exhibits with zones for presentation and catering was constantly packed with visitors.

How To: Involve Visitors of a Trade Show

What to Do: encourage visitor’s participation in the activities of a brand.

Real Life Example: American company Rally Health, a developer of programs for a healthy lifestyle, organized a HealthFest festival dedicated to fitness. The company organized it several times in different cities to instill love for sports among the public and form a positive impression about the brand. The key idea is “Fitness is fun.” At the festival, group trainings alternate with healthy snacks, sales, and entertainment, the most prominent of which is the performance of actor and comedian Kevin Hart at every festival.

The result: festivals collect a huge amount of loyal audience, and a strong association of a brand with fun and a popular actor gives tremendous results. The customers of the brand are happy and satisfied. And most importantly is that they participate in the life of the company.

All these ideas are easy to adapt to your goals. Build a marketing strategy around the results that you want to achieve. Want to expand your audience? Make sure that your event is fun and interesting. Want the attention of key customers? Arrange a smart presentation. Want to stand out at a trade show? Make your display big and tall.