How to Efficiently Prepare for a Trade Show

The lack of ideas and the insufficiently elaborated marketing strategy are detrimental to the organizers and participants of trade shows. You need to think every little thing through and always stick to the plan. In this article, we talk about what to consider when you prepare for a trade show

Make your display informative

Your booth is one of the main things to take care of when preparing for an exhibition. Your company must have a marketing strategy that includes a presentation of the company’s position in the market and a detailed description of the products and services. All this should be spelled out in detail, clearly and simply. Find out what unique offer your company intends to present at a trade show, and reflect it in the design of your booth, so that visitors won’t pass it by. The font size, color, dimensions of signage, their placement – all this is extremely important to consider when developing an exhibit.

Calculate the ROI of exhibiting at a trade show

Keep track of your expenses. Think what is more profitable – to buy or rent a booth? Choose an option based on logistics to save money. Be attentive to travel expenses for personnel who will work at a trade show. It is necessary to clearly understand how many employees will be needed at a booth to make the work effective. With regard to flights and accommodation, book them in advance – the cost of flights and hotel rooms on the days of major exhibitions often increase.

prepare for a trade show

Display location is vital

Contact trade show organizers as early as possible and try to find out what are the most beneficial spots at a trade show floor you can get. Outline your motivation to participate in a trade show to a manager, ask which exhibition area will best fit your goals and objectives. Study the business and entertainment programs of the venue. If the program has many business events, it makes sense to consider placing a display closer to the halls, where presentations and seminars will take place. Another option is to stand next to the food court area or the zone of entrances and exits.

Think about the size of your trade show exhibit

It is important that a booth is not much smaller than that of competitors. But the size, of course, is not the only thing that matters. Large and empty exhibition space is not interesting for visitors, so consider what elements of attracting attention you will use. A compact stand is also suitable, if, for example, you plan to use interactive stands to inform visitors about their products and services – they save a lot of space. Assess your options and costs. Try to find out as much as possible about your competitors. Examine the exhibitor list. Ask the organizers of a trade show if the list is not posted on the site. Decide which exhibition space you can afford, and then consult with experts in the design and construction to make interesting and meaningful project.

Use modern technologies at trade shows

Sometimes it is better to invest in the use of modern interactive technologies than in the exhibition space. But the process of preparation for participation in a trade show must also be technological. There are services that allow you not to miss deadlines and competently approach to planning.


These are not all the ideas of how to efficiently prepare for a trade show. To be continued