How to Find Sponsors for Trade Shows

To find a sponsor for a trade show event is not that easy. The potential of this additional income channel for organizers is huge, but how to use it so that you can earn money? Due to growing competition it becomes more difficult to find sponsors for trade shows and conferences. The Tethfloorevents will share some secrets on how to make the potential sponsors an offer they will not refuse.

When attracting sponsors, trade show organizer usually tell how remarkable their event is, what target audience it draws in, what expo center they offer,etc. But everyone says more or less the same thing. It is important to make an exclusive proposal, targeted at a particular sponsoring company. Of course, the development of an individual commercial offer is a great job, but it will pay off more likely than a standard mailing.

What goals trade show organizers pursuit:

  • Make a profit
  • Trouble free experience when attracting a sponsor for their trade show.
  • Work according to their standards.
  • Independently resolve matters related to the content of the exhibition – business program, speakers – without the pressure of sponsors.

What trade show sponsors are after:

  • Exclusive conditions for attending an event.
  • The ability to influence the content of the exhibition – speeches, themes and speakers.
  • Priority treatment throughout an event.
  • Visible effect of sponsorship.

trade show sponsorship

What you need to consider when attracting sponsors for trade shows

Potential sponsors immediately reject proposals if they see that they were made a standard proposal and organizers did not think about their needs for branding and positioning. So, as an organizer you need to understand that there is no single template according to which you can work with sponsors because every potential sponsor has goals that require specific solutions.

Sponsorship of events and trade shows, as a rule, need an explanation and persuasion. In most companies they are able to evaluate the commercial offer in terms of location and exhibition area. But to assess the effectiveness of trade show sponsorship is much more difficult, and organizers have to try to show what a sponsor will receive by investing money.

At a trade show or conference, almost everything can be sold to sponsors – hostess uniform, badges, handouts, banners, business program rooms, cafeterias, even mobile phone charging stations or Wi-Fi racks – everything is easily branded.

How to attract potential sponsors for trade shows

  1. Learn as much as possible about the potential sponsors

What does the company do on the market right now? What does it offer, what shares does it hold? The answers to these questions give a link to the commercial proposal for the sponsorship. The site of the company and social media are excellent sources of information. By using them you will find relevant information about a company and identify the right contact persons with whom it is worth negotiating about the sponsorship. Check if the company supports other activities. Think about how to use it. Learn about the positioning of the potential sponsor’s brand. Develop a commercial proposal that will combine the goals of a trade show and the goals of a sponsor.

  1. Create budget-friendly propositions for the sponsors for trade shows

Small companies may not be able to become the main sponsor, but placing a logo in an exhibition catalog or on website will not require much expenses from exhibitors but it will bring money. Some businessmen like to talk. So why not give them this opportunity? Sponsorship of the section in the business program is an attractive option for the organizers and at the same time accessible to many companies.

  1. Follow-ups

Exhibitors can calculate the effectiveness of exhibiting through the leads and conversion. But it is difficult for them to assess the investments in sponsorship. Show the result as clearly as possible in order to justify the money spent. Send a company a letter of thanks after an event along with other documents and statistics. And do not forget about pictures -give a photographer the task to take as many pictures as possible from different angles of those brands that have become sponsors of the exhibition. Let the client see how cool the logo looked and how many trade show visitors saw it.