Sponsored Events – Why They are so Popular

The effect of conducting sponsored events can not be underestimated. Such events, first of all, are an informational occasion that attracts the attention of journalists. The media provides strong PR support. Talking about an event is beginning at the stage of preparation and promotion that ends with post releases, analytical data and press conferences with the participants. Such events are able to collection of a large number of target audience as well as potential partners of the company.

What are sponsored events

With the help of additional money that sponsors of events allocate, the organizers manage to significantly increase the level of the event, thereby achieving the goals they set at maximum. As a consequence, all the participants of sponsored events, including sponsors and partners, benefit from its success.

Events as tools of promotion

Sponsorship is definitely one of the types of support for various spheres of public life, one of the forms of social investment. But at the same time, this cannot be called neither altruism, patronage, nor charity, although there is much in common. The main difference between them is that sponsor is necessarily provided with a counter service. The funds are invested in exchange for the expected benefits.

Forms of sponsorship

Today, sponsorship can take different forms:
• Information sponsors are very important sponsors, as the media take a direct part in drawing attention to the event.
• Barter partners – companies that support in the form of their goods or services.
• Sponsors – the provision of financial support is the main criterion.

Sponsorship events include concerts, festivals, holidays and sporting events. It is necessary to choose the format of an event correctly. It should match the ideology of the brand as a whole. So, for example, Volkswagen company acted as an official sponsor of a sailing regatta, as it shares the ideology of a healthy and sporty lifestyle, and brand cars correspond to this ideology in the best way.

sponsored events

A well-known English PR expert Sam Black considered that “it is more correct to define sponsorship as one of the types of entrepreneurial activity”. And as a rule, this activity is based on a clear agreement between the organizers of the event on the one hand and the commercial company on the other.

Why companies invest in sponsored events

Sponsorship brings a company to save its own resources for advertising and organizing events of this level. Organizers, at the same time, give help and support to the target audience.

Sponsored events are an effective marketing tool. Nowadays the advertising market is oversaturated so that even large companies can not stand out against the background of the general mass. That’s why they are turning to sponsorship as a more modern form of advertising. Moreover, recent research has shown that the sponsorship of major sporting events significantly improves the image of the advertiser and enhances brand recognition, thereby contributing to an increase in the likelihood of acquiring the company’s products. Consumers perceive such brands more positively than “ordinary” ones. Of course, an event itself is always at the center of attention. However, with a competent approach and the sponsor will not remain in the shadows, and its image will be firmly associated with the event.