How Trade Show Marketing Has Changed In The Digital Age

Trade show marketing refers to a convention where businesses showcase their products or services to customers. For many years, trade shows have been a useful convention for businesses which want to generate leads or sales. It has remained the same way for most businesses. However, traditional trade shows have gained a bad reputation where most people associate them with cheap promotions, desperate sales people, and endless booths. Today, trade show marketing has evolved from the boring conventions into amazing experiences which excite clients. Innovative marketing has seen businesses invest heavily in trade show marketing, o that they can come up with exciting productions that amaze their clients.

trade show booth

Most businesses still deploy traditional forms of marketing for promotion of their brand and services, such as outdoor marketing. Trade show belong to traditional ways of promotions too, but in digital are business alter their marketing efforts to fit into modern realities. Gone are the days when buyers relied on trade shows to learn everything about a product from your sales representative. In today’s digital era, buyers are more informed about what is happening in the industry and are willing to engage with other trade show attendees. Most brands understand that conventions are not the only place buyers are going. Buyers visit companies website to look out for product information and reviews by other customers. Therefore, they will know how your business or products are perceived in the market before attending trade shows. To avoid missing out on potential customers, businesses need to establish a strong presence online. Simply put, businesses need to include useful information on their website or social media pages, for customers who are looking for them. This will help them attract the right customers during trade shows since they already know your brand.

A recent study showed that 75 percent of brochures that businesses give to people during trade shows, end up in the trash. Instead of wasting resources printing product pamphlets and brochures, business is investing in electronic literature. This allows interested trade show attendees to receive brand information right to their email inbox. But that is not the only way brands are using technology to their advantage. With the help of Virtual Reality or VR, businesses are able to make a virtual product presentation so that they can engage with their audience. 3D experiences have helped businesses interact with customers by immersing them into their brand. With the use of a smartphone, customers can see the product graphics as it appears on the trade show floor.

trade show marketing in digital era

Remember interactive displays must be well thought out. The process literally starts from the ground up. You have the design face of how to create the display structure itself and implement the interactive elements and coordinate them with how you want the traffic to flow within you booth area. These types of displays tend to be a little more expensive but if done correctly they will provide you with edge drawing in traffic and collecting their data over the other exhibitors. I would recommend talking with a professional exhibit house before going this wrote. One company that I know that has years of experience in creating exciting booth designs that attract attention would be Exhibe Corporation you can visit there exhibit design page here

Businesses are also appreciating the benefit of using social media to engage with their customers. In fact, research has shown that 81 percent of people that businesses engage with on social media are likely to buy from them. Tech savvy marketers understand this and are taking to social media so that they can maximize on ROI. To ensure that their brand stands out from competitors, businesses are putting an emphasis on building a personal relationship with their clients. Social media channels like Facebook have proven to be an effective trade show marketing platform. Businesses which want to build an audience during trade shows can use social media to advertise their products or services before the show starts. There is no doubt that businesses which use pre show strategies to market themselves, will enjoy success when the trade show eventually begins.